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GreenHill Pictures is an independent motion picture production studio located in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Founded by multimedia artist Christopher Altepeter, GreenHill Pictures is housed in a historic three-thousand square foot former Oddfellows lodge.

Erected in 1903, our building is currently being renovated to include an audio control room, foley pit, soundstage, green screen cyclorama, isolation booth, and more...

We are currently shooting our first feature length movie, Lillian and Darmetrius. You can find more info about L&D in the flix section of this website, along with clips from other GHP projects.

All of the music for Lillian and Darmetrius is being produced at GHP as well. You can hear and download some of the tracks from the movie along with other music that was recorded here in our music section.

Written and video entries documenting the making of Lillian and Darmetrius can be found on the director's journal pages.



GreenHill Pictures is commited to protecting our environment.
Learn more about how we are doing our part, and how you can too.

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